Our Landscaping is mostly finished in the spa area at Stargate Forest. Its been a busy month of preperations for our opening event this weekend and we are so delighted with progress.

The following video is from the morning of day three of our Lightworker Recharge retreat opening event. Showing the mist over the valley as the powerful collection of Lightworkers connect and support each other to assist the massive world consciousness shift by doing our part to raise the vibration.

This special land is an energy portal to the stars. The gateway to higher realms as we live in nature surrounded by 40 acres of our own private native bush, which is surrounded by many hundreds of acres of forest. A special time and place to enjoy the healing power of nature.

This weekend has been an unforgettable experience of support, love and connection. Stargate Forest has been a magical place to explore, create, relax, and recharge, to look inside and connect with our inner purpose and drop into our hearts to feel the new higher vibration energy.