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Stargate Forest is a beautiful retreat centre with special energy surrounded by hundreds of acres of forest. Stargate is known as a place to connect with the healing power of nature to nurture the soul.

Within the huge network of forests, Stargate has 40 acres of privately-owned land, which is mostly New Zealand native bush, situated with amazing views from the top of the ridge overlooking the valley. You will find beautiful bird songs, rare native species such as the giant New Zealand snail, large waterfalls, a beautiful lily pond with friendly frogs, and an open grass glade surrounded by incredible trees.

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Our History

Rob Robertson, the owner of Stargate Forest, had always dreamed of building a unique healing retreat space. In March 2021, this dream came alive with the purchase of this land and the journey began of creating a special transformed energy space to nurture souls and expand hearts.

Not much happened in 2021 with this beautiful land apart from a large amount of gorse removal and the invigorating task of working out where to create walking tracks on the 40 bush-covered acres of land that traversed a steep hill.

A big moment came in late 2021 with the purchase of the Stargate mini digger, which enabled the creation of beautiful walking tracks through the steep slopes of incredible native bush. That year was full of lockdowns, and Rob’s long history of inner self-doubt reared its head, resulting in his not fully understanding or being in harmony with the land. Some significant challenges occurred that year, but in the first half of 2022, everything changed with the first-ever retreat in July 2022. A huge energy shift occurred with the land, and Rob being on purpose helped remove the self-doubt that had in part, blocked action to empower Rob to be in sync with the land.

Exploring the land became a source of great enjoyment – especially as the previous owner of 13 years had indicated there was a waterfall hidden in the bush that she had never found. The discovery of an incredible series of waterfalls after bush-bushing the steep terrain was an incredibly exciting moment for the Stargate team.

While Rob runs his retreat, this is a space available for other retreat leaders to host and enjoy the incredible tranquillity and healing energy of this forest portal.

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